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Planting by the Moon!
Gardening, what a great way to improve health and well being - get exercise, fresh air and a freshly plucked diet plan (if the slugs dont get their first) of toxin free herbs, fruit, veg and eadible flowers!

Ive only got a tiny garden, but just counted at least 32 things to eat in it!

My favourite is just plucking fresh mint, coriander, parsley or rocket leaves and eating them in the garden - and saying thank you to the plant!

Or just bung a couple of sprigs of mint or rosemary in a cup of covered boiling water for 5-10 minutes to make delicious natural healing, refreshing, wake you up tea!
Home made oven chips, so tasty - cut, sprinkle with light olive oil, a little hymalayan rock salt (not sodium table salt) and loads of fresh chopped rosemary, delicious.

There are 3 popular planting by the moon theories, also sectioned into Flowers, Root and Leafy plants, aswell as a period good to get rid of weeds, with no planting.

You can easily study all 3, on the same page, with this easy to follow day to day diary guide for maximum benefit.

Ive been following this religiously, seeds doing well so far! - Sign up for her wonderful Lunascope that is delivered free every 2 weeks with suggestions of how the Moon Phases may effect you.


Energetix Magnet Jewellery

Stunning Magnet Therapy - Energetix Magnetic Jewellery and Well Being Gifts 
for Men, Ladies, Children and even Pet Magnet Jewellery! 

Energetix Magnet Jewellery

Dance Lessons - The Fun and Friendly Way to Well Being Exercise!
Salsa Parties/Events - Feel the Sizzling Natural Salsa Energy
Guernsey and World wide via Skype, Gift Vouchers available
Thrive - Take a couple of hours out to watch this very interesting Movie!
Thrive explains the 'New World Order' which involves The Illuminati (eilte) apparantly controlling much of banking, oil, electricity, water, medication, health, education, food supply, seeds, weather, governments, national security, what is put in the media - the list is endless and based on true facts, and it is not in the best interests of most people.

Wondered why we havnt had much sunshine lately - noticed jets spraying the sky?
They are blocking out the sun with toxic 'chemtrails', learn why.

Learn why The Illuminati is in manys opinion, trying to wipe out 'natural healing', natural health, a healthy diet (encouraging junk food & drink ladelled with toxins), complementary therapies, small businessess, farmers - to apparantly murdering 120 scientists in the last decade, destroying labs that create free clean energy or cancer cures (sadly, a big money earner - many natural cancer cures exist and have done for decades, and I know people that have survived terminal cancer with natural cures).

Learn about the 'New World Order' - the above Thrive Movie really helps and also explains how You Can Help Preserve the Planet and future generations in a positive way:)) 

Also Google...
Chem Trails
- 'What in the World are They Spraying' (Including Guernsey skies!)

Pop Industry - '27 Club Illuminati' - 'Illuminati celebrities Before & After (2013)'

Vaccines - What is in them?  They usually include a lot of added toxins.
Medication - Check the side effects, is there a natural alternative?

Everyday Radiation! - Radiation from Mobiles

See the 2 min clip re 'red blood cells' by Smart Meters at bottom of page...
Energetix Jewellery -  My Guernsey Guru, Karen Hollbrook, with world wide courses via skype, thanks for all youve taught me Kazzy x - Holistic Approach to curing Geopathic Stress by Dowsing

Doreen Virtue
'The Indigo Revolution by Doreen Virtue' - How to Help sensitive children!
Indigo Children, Starseed Children

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Natural Health Petition

Did you know...  EU Laws secretly approved behind closed doors in 2012, threatened to destroy your health, rights & freedom of choice over natural healing and well being!

Natural Healing for health and well being has been practiced safely for thousands of years, there are many articles to prove this - just not the money to make it so public as Pharmaceutical Industry.

Because many drug companies and Governments would rather make millions than cure people.  If you know natural healing I know you will understand.  If you havnt tried natural healing then I suggest you do, before its too late...

You will no longer have access to thousands of 'safe' natural products & natural foods used successfully for centuries to heal illnesses such as Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease or to maintain overall health and improve well being naturally.

SIGNING OUR PETITION TODAY can stop this tragedy and help 'safeguard' yourself, loved-ones and future generations.

Over 300 EU Legislations, secretly approved behind closed doors, since 2002.

TO AVOID OPPOSITION, the European Union (EU), UK Government, Medical Establishment & National  Media - have all worked together to deliberately keep the entire UK population (over 60 million people) in the dark! 

For this reason, the majority of UK citizens have no idea that as from 2011, we no longer have the total freedom-to-choose 'natural health products' or the right-to-decide what we wish to eat, drink or medicate - in order to manage our health.  

Therefore, thousands of beneficial natural foods, proven 'safe & effective' for centuries and still commonly used today (to combat serious illness or to maintain overall health).. are being banned or their potency drastically reduced, making them virtually ineffective.  

Whilst ancient cultural traditions (such as African, Chinese, Indian, 'Ayurvedic' and other indigenous practices), also developed and used successfully for centuries will be lost forever.

Many in the health industry are alarmed at the sheer disregard the legislations have for the ancient principle that Natural Foods are meant to Feed & Heal for well being naturally.  

As confirmed by Hippocrates, (the ancient father of medicine), who famously quoted;
"Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food", and Paracelsus (father of Pharmacology) who stated, "All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature... the challenge of science is to find it." 



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