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Well Being Gifts

Well Being Gifts - The most valuable gifts you could give someone you love!


Wellness Gift Ideas

- Relaxation plays an important part in everyones well being.

Well Being Gifts to choose from include...

Stylish Magnet Therapy Jewellery - Well Being for Men, Ladies, Children and even Pets + Pet Lovers range, Lots of Hearts, including the famous Wellness Power Heart. 

Energetix Magnetic Jewellery may help pain, aches, headaches, energy levels, arthritis
(Arthritis Treatment), rheumatism, detox toxins in the body, boost metabolism, immunity system boosters, circulation - leading to improved cell renewal and faster muscle recovery to generall improve well being naturally.

Energetix Jewellery has a massive range for ALL budgets and styles from classic to Swarovski Wellbeing Jewellery - Hippy Yoga - Sports Jewellery - Daywear.

Ive had great feedback from hundreds of happy customers saying how much it has helped a huge variety of ailments, help improve well being naturally...

Energetix Gifts - Well Being Jewellery - Energetix Webshop

Magnet Therapy 

Energetix Magnetic Well Being Gifts Online

If you're in Guernsey, come along to see Heidis Well Being World Stalls
Events on - Magnetic Jewellery Guernsey where you will find a vast display of stunning Energetix Magnet Jewellery,
Well Being Jewellery,
Crystals, Crystal Jewellery (small, sets and large stunning crystals in stock (+ to order) and Fossils,
+ Well Being Gift Vouchers (Energetix Well Being Jewellery, Reiki Healing, Distant Reiki Healing, EFT Therapy (Tapping which can also be sent distantly world wide).

Wellness gift ideas...Energetix Magnetic Heart range
Energetix Heart Pendants, Bracelet, Necklaces...

Energetix Magnetic Coaster or Water Sticks Range - Magnetize drinks for magnet therapy benefits, changes molecules to improve taste from water to wine!

Energetix Magnet Heart - or Magnet Bandage Wrap or Pillow -
Particularly good for anyone with long term, more severe pain or insomnia.   

Stylish Magnetic Jewellery Gifts -
For Ladies, Men, Children, Sports, Pets...

Energetix Jewellery Webshop





Wellness Gift...

Wellness Gift Ideas...
Well Being Gifts...
Relaxation CD's - with added alpha, beta and theta healing tones, Angel Oracle Cards, Crystal Jewellery Making Projects for Beginners, Stunning Crystals for Home, Sacred Singing Bowls, Relaxation Aromatherapy,  plus Natural and Organic Treats,
huge variety of health, nutrition and well being gifts to choose from.

Semi-precious crystal jewellery, stunning
 selenite lamps, warm glowing crystal tea light holders, crystal book ends, fossils, beautiful amethyst and crystal geodes.

Crystals not only look beautiful but are said to promote well being,
relaxation, health, wealth and happiness.

Beautiful Crystal Gifts at Great Prices - Just Click on Banner...
Well Being Gifts - Crystals

Promoting Wellness DVD set -
This could be the most valuable wellbeing gift you ever give, or receive...
Promoting health and well being


Aloe Vera Well Being Gifts - Natural Skincare and Mineral Make Up...

Spa Collection Well Being Gift Sets,
Anti-aging Serums, Soothing Lotions,
Gorgeous natural make-up
Aloe Vera - Well Being Gifts

Finest Scented Candles - Put Beeswax candles in the fridge to help prevent dripping and for them to burn longer.  Aromatherapy, Bees wax, Floating and Beautiful LED Flameless Candles, Festive Reed Diffusers, Fragrence Lamps...

Well Being Gifts


Really push the boat out with a Suprise Holiday!
Virgin have some great fares available in their latest sale with flights to the United States from as little as £344 (based on economy return flights from UK).
Some of their best Special Offers at the mo...

The Audio Phenominem thats taken USA by storm -
especially after the movie 'The Secret'

These Secret Quotes (similar to The Secret movie and book) are a must gift for anyone who wants to get on well in life, at home, work, socially and live life in a healthy manor for mind, body and soul.

These laws work just like gravity, amazing secrets revealed in easy listening audio.

Well Being Secret Quotes - A Truly Amazing Life Changing Gift...

Well Being Gifts

Singing Bowls

Singing Bowls are made from seven (nine or twelve) sacred metals which correspond to the sacred planets: including gold (Sun), silver (moon), mercury (Mercury), copper (Venus), iron (Mars), tin (Jupiter), antimony (Saturn).

They awaken a beautiful and powerful mystery when they resonate rich sonic vibrations which seem to alter space, time and mind, awaken cellular memory, resonating with altered brain wave states like alpha and theta which help in relaxation, balancing, meditation and healing.

Rest the bowl in the palm of your hand whilst using a wooden "wand" to rub around the edge for a stunning multi-tonal ringing effect that can last for minutes vibrating through your body!

Messages From Your Angels...

Angel Guidance Books and Oracle Cards.
Oracle Cards are very easy to read, you just shuffle the deck whilst thinking of a question and pick a card or three, and read the interpretation.

I have used them for years, it is quite outstounding how relevant the answers are!

I highly recommend Doreen Virtue - any of her products
especially her 'Messages From Your Angels' Oracle Cards and
'Daily Guidance from your Angels' which has a beautiful hardback cover that unfolds enveloping 365 Angelic messages to soothe, heal and open ones heart...

Relaxation Music...

Calming, Anxiety, to induce a good nights sleep, Meditation, Mind Reviving,
Childrens Relaxation, Anti-Stress, induce a good nights Sleeps, Healing, Peace, 
Birdsong, Trickling Streams. 
For Mind, Body and Soul...

Well Being Gifts Ideas...

Magic Fingers Head Massager feels fabulous!  Sauna and Spa,
Bedside Sound Generator, Rise and Shine Alarm Clock with Nature Sounds

Relaxation and Well Being DVD's...

Wellness and Harmony at home with Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and Relaxation DVD's

Guided Meditation CD's...

Especially excellent for people who suffer from stress, and find it difficult to relax. The CD's talk you through to a relaxed state, via deep breathing,
streams and fields, floating through the sky, healing Chakras...

Inspirational Books - Anthony Robbins is one of my favourites...

Well Being and Relaxation Books...

Good Quality Cast Iron or Stainless Steel Pans will long outlast
Teflon Toxic coated pans.

Avoid cooking toxins with your familys food...

Lots more Well Being Gift Ideas...

Energetix Magnetic Jewellery - About Energetix Magnetic Jewellery

Energetix Magnetic Jewellery - Online Shop

Magnetic Jewellery Guernsey - Heidis Well Being World Stall Dates


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