Improve Well Being

Reiki Distant Healing

Reiki Distant Healing Treatment is a complimentary therapy, holistic, to help balance your body and improve well being naturally, it can be done from a distance - to anywhere around the world.

Reiki distance healing has been practiced successfully for thousands of years, although this treatment was kept a Sacred Secret by Tibetan Monks as to how they did it - until 1926 when a mystical revelation was received by Dr Mikao Usui, to train and attune others, so that many more people could receive the powerful benefits of
Reiki distant healing - done from a distance in the comfort of your own home.

Heidi Well Being Holistic Reiki Teacher - 
Reiki Guernsey + Reiki Jersey, trained to become a reiki practitioner and attuned just 11th in line from Dr Mikao Usui, also a Guernsey and online EFT Practitioner (Tapping - Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Life Coach) and passionate about Magnet Therapy and the natural healing benefits of Energetix Magnetic Jewellery 

1,500,000 Reiki monthly searches on the internet (compared to medication just 3,300,000) shows how quickly Reiki is becoming a popular form of healing. We are trained not to believe without proof - but these searches must mean something!

 Reiki Distant Healing
I have apparantly successfully helped to heal many people that havn't had success with medical treatment and learnt to live with problems for years, many even decades (By law, I cant say Ive healed them, it may just be coincidence 20 year old problems often dissappear within minutes/24 hours of a healing treatment)

Some with hands on Reiki healing, others just by sending energy which is known as Reiki Distant Healing or Reiki Distance Healing holistic therapies.

From minor problems to long term illness -
a Reiki Distant Treatment may be extremely powerful, even better than hands on.
Reiki Healing Testimonials 

I am not a medical advisor, and I cant guarantee any cures, but I have had a good success rate, with no side effects, instead a pleasurable relaxing experience and I am passionate to try to help as many people as possible with reiki distant healing.

Reiki Distance Healing

 Reiki Distant Healing
Reiki distance healing treatments can be carried out across the world - at any distance. We are all connected by an energy force and can tap into this life energy force to enhance natural healing and improve well being.

As a Guernsey Reiki practitioner I had had my energy channels unblocked, so I can transfer the life force energy of natural healing hundreds of times more than someone who has not - this is proven by kinesology photography - aswell as many reiki distant healing testimonials!

I can send Reiki Distant Healing energy to generally improve well being, or you can explain specific problems that you would like help with.
If you havn't used Reiki Distant Healing before - I know it will sound very strange!

But most people come back for more.

Everyone I have ever given a Reiki Treatment to has been amazed, enjoyed it, often speak of seeing beautiful colours or feeling tingly, warm sensations and many have a regular monthly top up as they feel the health benefits of balancing their bodies.

Reiki Treatment

A Reiki Treatment is extremely relaxing and aims to balance the whole body, rather than just the point of illness. To help restore vital energy lost in daily life, to create overall improved well being, in both the present and the future.

Remember prevention is always better than cure.
Look after your body rather than wait until it is too late.
Why Should I have a Reiki Distant Healing Session?

Distant Healing Treatments may help with any disorders both mentally and physically.
Reiki is also advisable as a 'Health Insurance' a monthly session to rebalance your system

If you would like to speak to me first feel welcome.
To add to the healing benefits, I can also use Singing Bowls and Chakra Crystals.
I am also happy to let you hear me use a Singing Bowl for free so you can feel just how relaxing this can be to put you in the zone for Reiki healing.

Dont worry, there is nothing to be afraid of, I only work in the highest good,
and you will find your distance treatment incredibly relaxing from the comfort of your own home.

Check out my Testimonials for Reiki Treatments
Reiki Distant Healing can be extremely successful in: 
Reiki Healing Blindness
(4 months total blindness, could see after 5 mins Reiki)
Back and joint pains and injuries
Help Pain generally
Stomach and Digestive Disorders
Headaches and Migraines
Heart and Stroke Conditions
Arthritis Treatment and Rheumatism
Hearing Loss
Smoking Addiction
Alcohol Addiction
Drug Addiction
Eating Addiction
Insomnia in Children
Insomnia in Adults
High Blood Pressure
Lower Blood Pressure
Lower Heart Rate
Sciatica Nerve pain
Skin disorders
Lose Weight
Continual infections
Boost confidence

 Reiki Distance Healing

Reiki - Addictions

Reiki Distant Healing for Addictions - eg eating addiction, chocolate addiction, smoking addiction, alcohol addiction and drug addiction, aswell as many other addictions.
Addiction Reiki may take a few sessions depending on seriousness of the addiction. Reiki treatments for addiction are best spread over several weeks (or months) to help overcome addiction.

Reiki Side Effects

Reiki Distant Healing is totally safe and suitable for anyone, babies, children, adults, pensioners and also works extremely well for Pet Well Being!

A Reiki Treatment doesnt have harmful side effects, like many prescribed medications
although ~

1) Reiki is very relaxing.
Many patients have reported to have the best nights sleep ever after a Reiki treatment with me, or have been the 'most relaxed in their lives'!

2) You may be thirsty - so you should drink lots of filtered water to help cleanse your system of toxins in the body, which in turn helps the healing well being process.

Reiki Distant Healing - How To Book a Treatment

I will send you or a loved one an initial distance healing via photo, letter, phone, email, facebook or online via skype - (please advise preferences/details when booking).

Follow up sessions can be done without, but I prefer to have some sort of  connection for the initial holistic Reiki distance healing treatment.

Reiki Distance treatment is as effective, often more so, than hands on healing.

It is advisable to book a time for the holistic treatment when you can relax or sleep afterwards to enhance the benefits.

Whilst one treatment is usually beneficial, its advisable to have a weekly top up if you are not well, or a monthly treament to help improve well being naturally. 

Reiki Treatment Costs
£25 - 45 minutes Reiki Treatment for Children under 12 yrs (Guernsey or from afar)
£39 - Pet Reiki Treatment (in Guernsey or as Reiki Distant Healing)
£39 - 60 minute Reiki Treatment (in Guernsey or as Reiki Distant Healing)
£39 - Reiki + Talking Therapy
£65 - 60 minutes 'Feel Good Factor' Consultation
£99 - Block of 3 x Reiki Distant Healing Treatments

I also offer a free 'Colour Therapy Card Reading' for each session.

To book -
email Heidis Well Being World with 

1 - Name of person

2 - Treatment requirement(s)

3 - Date & time Therapy required 

4 - Skype (or fb) name if possible
 Reiki Treatment
Book your holistic Distance Healing Treatment World Wide,
Reiki Healing in Jersey, Guernsey, (Channel Islands) and Gibraltar.

'Learn Reiki Healing'
 - online via skype with Heidi so you can do treatments yourself - anyone can learn Reiki and be Reiki attuned in 4-5 sessions (or faster if urgent).

Contact 'Heidi Wellbeing Almonte' - Holistic Healing 
Guernsey Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Teacher
Jersey Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Teacher -  email

Heidis Well Being World looks forward to helping you world wide.

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Disclaimer - EFT Tapping and Reiki Treament is complimentary therapy, should your condidtion be serious you should seek medical advice.