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Pet Well Being

Well Being of Pets on Humans

Most pets are valued family members.
Pets are now showing in studies to have a special effect to improve well being, especially beneficial for an elderly or sick person to lovingly stroke a pet.

Pets are also good to help children become responsible and loving.

Pets can be excellent teachers of playing and relaxation to humans, helping to improve well being naturally.
 Pet Well Being

Pet Magnet Therapy

Pet magnet therapy has shown to be extremely effective -
an Energetix pet magnet helps blood circulation -
often reduces swelling, which relieves aches and pains,
rheumatism and arthritis treatment
and may generally improve pet well being naturally.
Pet Magnets Guernsey

Does Magnetic Jewellery Work on Pets?

I am convinced it does, as Ive helped so many pets wellbeing with long term ailments, both physically and mentally, from dogs to horses, often within hours of wearing an Energetix Pet magnet

Pet Magnet

Beautiful Energetix Pet Magnet Jewellery for Pets and Pet Owners!
Energetix Pet Magnet Therapy 'Cat Paw' Magnet Accessory,
Engravable Pet Magnet 'Dog Bone' Accessory + 'Horse Shoe' magnet jewellery
(All 2 part screw in magnet pet accessories fit up to approx 2mm collar -
Additional extension available for up to 11mm thick pet collars)

Magnetic Dog Collar and Magnetic Cat Collar Tags
Also engravable Energetix Pet Jewellery 
(Please email with engraving details before ordering online)

Pet Magnet for Drinking Water or Aquariums
Pet Well Being Accessories Flyer - includes a Pet Magnet for Water, its a Large Triangular 'Steel Pebble' Code 2283 in shop below.

The Water Pet Magnet is placed in pets or animals drinking water to magnetize the drinking water, placed in Aquariums, or to magnetize water to spray on sick animals or pet wounds.  This has a similar effect to wearing pet magnet therapy jewellery, ideal for pet magnets for pets that dont wear collars.

Pet Magnet Jewellery for Pet Owners 
Matching Paw Magnetic Pendant, Paw Magnetic Ear-rings and bracelets, engravable Magnetic Bracelets, Dog Bone and Paw Charms, Magnetic Pendants and Water Magnet Sticks for Pet Owners

Bird Lovers
will find a stunning 'Humming Bird Magnetic Pendant' (with a swarovski Crystal-Code 2084), matching Humming Bird Magnetic Ear-rings...

Water Magnets - Bird & Paw Pet Magnet Water Stirrers to magnetize your drinking water + Magnetic Water Coaster (a pet shop has just told me she keeps 2 bowls of water, 1 with & 1 without a magnet in & the dogs always go to the 1 with the wellness water magnet coaster underneath - natural instincts of pets!

 Wellbeing Jewellery
Humming Bird Pet Range

Energetix Magnet Jewellery - Pets and Pet Lovers Catalogue -
(Webshop catalogue selection on bottom left) 

'Pet Flyer' + To order see - 'Jewellery' - 'For Pets' + 'Pet Lovers'...

Pet Magnet

Energetix Magnetic Jewellery Online - Pets & Pet Lovers Catalog!

Pet Well Being

Raw Fruit and Veg Diet alongside Pet Foods
Many pets will benefit from fresh raw fruit and veg, just like humans do, as they provide nutrients and enzymes missing from processed dried or canned pet food.
Aloe Vera Gel drink is a great way to help improve pet well being, packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  Just add a tiny amount each day to pet food.

For soothing, healing cuts/sores - Aloe vera vetinerary spray & aloe vera gel soothing.
See the Aloe Vera Pet shop page.

Pet Reiki Distant Healing

 Reiki Distant Healing for Pet Well Being
If your pet is unwell, consider pet reiki distant healing as a complementary therapy to assist recovery, to soothe and to help ease pain.

Pet Reiki Distant Healing is very relaxing to help put animals in healing mode naturally, calmly and safely.

Pet Reiki distant healing is often especially beneficial for nervous pets, who are normally very receptive as if they intuitively understand the ability of reiki healing.

Pets are particularly receptive to Reiki Distant Healing 


Psychic Pets?

More and more evidence is showing that pets are capable of psychic communication

For centuries cats have been said to have mystical powers.
Our cat would always appear running alongside our car whenever we arrived home, and now my Mum is sure her birds often start making noise when Dad drives down the road.

I remember a programme where they filmed the dogs - whilst also filming the dog owner leaving work. Even though the owner left at different times of the day, the dogs always started getting excited as their owners started to prepare for the journey home and they got more excited the closer their owners got!

Be aware of this when you see pets interacting with both humans and other animals - even from long distance, try out your own paranormal activity experiments to see how close you are to your pets!

Try talking to your pets telepathically, connect mentally and notice if they hear you -
if barking, imagine them being calm and quiet!

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Dyson Vacuum Cleaners especially designed for Pet owners and
powerful pet hair removal...

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