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Insomnia in Children

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is trouble sleeping.  Insomnia in children can often result from sleeping in sick homes (sick building syndrome), especially if there is geopathic stress running under the place of sleep.  Insomnia in children and babies is particularly common - as they are more effected by geopathic stress.  
Insomnia in Children and adults - Top Tips to help improve insomnia naturally...

Magnet Therapy

Insomnia in children over 4 years old (+ insomnia in adults) studies show magnet therapy healing, simply by wearing a neodymium magnet during the day, is often enough to help improve insomnia at night. Quality neodymium Magnetic Jewellery for Children -
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Magnet therapy healing may help insomnia in children by inducing a 'calming effect on the brain', magnet therapy may help release the natural hormone of Melatonin which encourages a healthy sleep-wake pattern.

Magnet therapy can also reduce swellings, which can help many childrens 'aches and pain' which may aggrivate insomnia in children, especially as they are growing.
Insomnia in Children
Magnet Therapy Healing 
Magnet jewellery can help energy flow more correctly which is soothing to both children (and suffering adults).  Magnet therapy healing and correcting energy flow has been used by the chinese for thousands of years, its safe and non-invasive. 
Improve well being naturally...

Magnet therapy can help release toxins in the body and sometimes help insomnia in children, hyperactivity and improve well being naturally.

I highly recommend Energetix Magnetic Jewellery for insomnia in children, aswell as generally
improve wellbeing, aches and pains.

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 Insomnia in Children

What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic Stress is fairly new to our society, 
it involves the Earth’s magnetic energy fields, both naturally and man made. 

Geopathic Stress is usually caused by under ground running water streams and may cause insomnia in children (and adults).

Geopathic Stress also depletes the
immunity system. 
Insomnia in Children 
Children sleeping on top of geopathic stress are often hyperactive, may have learning difficulties, temper tantrums and are frequently sick due to low immunity system -which again can be boosted with Energetix magnet therapy healing jewellery.

How to Cure Insomnia in Children -

Try moving childrens bed or cot - or turn bed around, this may move children out of the geopathic stress area and can often make a difference. 
The room temperature can help insomnia in children, not too hot or too cold, also that it is not too light, or distracting traffic lights or noise (try heavier curtains/blinds)

Diet - Give children more smoothies, fresh fruit, nuts etc as an option and avoid junk food, caffeine, sugar loaded juices and fizzy drinks (especially with 'aspartame' in).

Lavander Oil - Couple of drops on childrens pillow or a natural sprig when sleep or in a Warm Bath before sleeping.  (Heidi can help)

Aloe Heat Lotion - Testimonial
"We were having terrible trouble getting our four year old daughter to sleep through the night. We applied Aloe Heat Lotion to the soles of her feet before bedtime and she now sleeps all through the night! I'd recommend all tired parents try this!"
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Meditate - Meditation CD's and Chakra Music therapy often help sleeping patterns.

Reiki Healing Therapy - Heidi can send Reiki Distant Healing for insomnia around the world + now also has a crystal therapy heated mattress for Guernsey Reiki Treatments.

PC's & TV - Avoid PC's for 2 hours before sleeping.  Reduce TV daily time or even get rid of the TV altogether and encourage natural creativity, hobbies and sports.

Stretch - before sleeping - with long slow deep breaths - lying on your back in bed.
Concentrate on the stretching and breathing and how your body feels relaxing.

Exercise for 20 minutes Daily - especially good if they can exercise in sun
(not too bright, but 20 minutes per day can be beneficial). 
Exercise at least 3 hours before sleeping.

Exercise helps release serotonin, the sleep hormone, also many have found insomnia is improved by wearing Energetix Magnetic Jewellery...
Magnet Therapy healing with Energetix Magnetic Jewellery also recommended to help release serotonin (sleep hormone) aswell as Melatonin (Happy hormone).

If this isnt enough contact Heidi, Well Being World (Guernsey, Jersey and Worldwide) who may be able to help insomnia in children by distant dowsing the Geopathic Stress, EFT tapping on meridians, a Feng Shui Consultation or relaxing Reiki Distant Healing
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Insomnia in Children


Insomnia in Adults - Contact Heidi Wellbeing for a Holistic health Consultation.

Geopathic Stress

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Reiki Distant Healing

Immunity System Boosters

Magnet Therapy

Magnet Jewellery - Energetix Magnet Jewellery many customers have said it has helped insomnia in children + insomnia in adults

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