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Enjoy natural well being health, mind, body ideas like Laughter, easy Breathing Techniques, Exercise, Diet and Love - they DO have huge health and mind benefits - aswell as helping you feel great and improve well being!

Learn how to balance and listen to your body.  Prevention is better than cure. 
Learn to improve well being naturally. 

Many health experts believe 85% of health problems have an emotional connection.

Swap your coffee for a few yoga stretches - Feel the difference! 

Magnetic Jewellery can help improve energy flow, be an immunity system booster, improve metabolsim and circulation, help pain and insomnia, often giving more energy.
Energetix Magnetic Jewellery, is stylish with premium quality neodymium magnets.

Try to heal and prevent health problems, rather than mask or poison your body with possibly harmful drugs with nasty side effects.  If you are ill there are so many complementary therapies like Reiki Distant Healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique) and Healing Theta + my present favourite Magnet Therapy which dont have the side effects like many medications - instead they balance your body and encourage natural healing.

Health and well being come hand in hand.
 Well Being Health
Make an appointment with Heidi for personal health and well being tips to improve well being naturally - with Reiki Distant Healing, EFT Tapping Technique, Magnet Therapy and Nutrition, to help change your mindset (see below).
Dont take the 'Simple Free Things in Life' for granted, follow my Well Being Health Tips

- often quoted as 'The Best Medicine in the World'

The sound of roaring laughter is far more contagious than a cough!

Laughter physically triggers positive health changes in your body. It diminishes stress, its good for your wellbeing, your heart, boosts energy, releases endorphins, strengthens your immune system and can even make pain dissapear.

A priceless medicine for health and wellbeing naturally - easy, free and fun!

Start with a smile, feel how different your body feels?
Turn the smile into a laugh!

If you are alone, think about the funniest things that have ever happened to you?

Share those thoughts next time you see friends and family and ask them

“What’s the funniest thing that happened to you today? This week? In your life?”

Health and well being daily tonic - a dose of laughter!

 Well Being Health


Wellbeing Health

Breathing for health - sounds obvious!  Read on...

Most people use just 30% of their lung capacity.
Yet breathing is one of the most important things we do to stay alive and well.

We can go days without eating, but only minutes without breathing.
We often think about eating, but how often do you think about breathing?

Health and well being can improve by 'Slow Deep Breathing' - its easy and free.

Breathing well helps your lymph system function more effeciently - which is like the bodys sewage system. If your lymph system stopped working for just one day, you would probably die as a result - so it is quite important!

Each cell of your body is surrounded by lymph - 
which helps get rid of Toxins in the Body - poison and excess fluid, combat bacteria, viruses and cancerous cells, it boosts immunity system.

By paying close attention to your breath, you can change your mood, improve health and well being, rejuvenate and recharge yourself.

Take a moment to calm yourself and take very deep, slow breaths, through your nose - go on, you can do it now, whilst reading this!

Now put a hand on your lower abdomen and a hand on your chest.
Where is your body expanding when you breath in?

Your lower abdomen should expand as you fill your lungs.
If only your chest expands - you're not breathing fully, keep practicing. 

If you are too busy to breathe! - Try when your online or doing mundane tasks.

Try breathing excercises in bed ~
when you 'wake up' and when you 'retire',
this will help you 'breathe' at least twice a day!

'Breathe deeply and slowly' often as possible -
it has huge benefits on your health and well being.

 Well Being Health
Health and Wellbeing

Exercise - an important factor - keep fit doing something you enjoy! 

This will encourage you to keep going and is also good for your mental
health to improve well being and can help get rid of cellulite

Exercise makes you feel more energetic, which has benefits, aswell as keeping fit and toned to give your confidence a boost, it improves your heart and increases lung capacity. 

If you lack energy - try Energetix Magnetic Jewellery

Dancing - a great form of exercise to suit all ages and tastes from exciting Salsa, sexy Bachata, Hip-Hop, Ballroom, energetic Merengue and Latin.

Dancing suits all budgets - put your favourite music on at home, a weekly class or private dance tuition. Dancing is a social exercise, so it doesnt feel like exercise more of a healthy night out!

Walking - in nature where you can, breath in good fresh country air and energy!  Ensure you have correct footwear.  Save petrol!

Use the tranquility to create your dreams and clear your mind, focus on what you want to help improve well being, health, mind and Body:))


Wellbeing Diet
Eating a Raw Fruit and Veg Diet for health rather than convenience.

I eat much less now, including a lot of raw fruit and vegetable, but what I do eat is so full of nutrients.  I feel so much more satisfied and healthy with fresh juice for breakfast, a small plate of raw food, fruit and veg and a variety of delicious nuts

Also eating carbohydrates and proteins separately, I feel better than I do eating a big meal that many people think is healthy - but has actually had much of the nutritional value destroyed by cooking, added toxins in and is difficult for the body to digest.

Try to listen to your body, feel what is good for you, what your body needs and what it doesnt.  Try a couple of days or weeks cutting out cows milk, bread, wheat, oats and/or gluten.  Look at food before you eat it and ask yourself whether you should eat it or not and learn to listen to your instincts because they are usually right (except for choccies!)
There are so many different diets out there, but the important thing to remember that they dont tell you - is that we are all different - and what diet is good for some people, isnt for others.

Make and eat your food with love! 
Grow your own fruit and veg diet with love.
Love is as important as all the other ingredients! 

The old fashioned blessing of food works wonders, thank your food before you eat it.

A varied diet plan is essential for good health and well being.
Get a natural well being high - Video series below

Learn how to help improve well being and prevent many illnesses, naturally inc Reversing Diabetes with a Diabetic Diet Plan -

Look at these Amazing Video Clips for more Info on Health...

 Well Being Health

Natural Health and Well Being Personal Consultations

New to complementary therapy?
Learn more about natural health and improve well being
Like some well being personal advice?
Want to lose weight to improve health and well being?

There are so many amazing subjects of which Heidi Almonte, ISTD, Reiki Healing and Reiki Distant Healing Practitioner , EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping), Magnet Therapy (with Energetix magnet jewellery and magnet products) and Founder of Well Being Info has studied for many years with spectacular results.
Heidi dropped 6 dress sizes - without really trying just by adjusting her diet and thinking positive!
 Well Being Health

 Heidi Almonte, ISTD, Reiki Healer Practitioner, Reiki Teacher & Well Being Consultant

Discuss your problems, emotional and physical (as most connected) and receive ideas, complementary therapies, helpful diet tips, reiki healing and the power of mind and body links.

Natural health and well being personal consultations available via phone or skype...

Free Quick Chat - No Obligation - Let me know what Youre looking for and I will let you know how I feel I can best help you..

£30 - 30 minutes
£45 - 1 hour

£150 - 6 x weekly 1 hour sessions inc Reiki Distant Healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping), Magnet Therapy and Nutrition tips to help improve your health, body and mind wellbeing.

To Book email -   with requirements and appointment option times most suitable for you + skype name.

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