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Holistic Health & Wellbeing - Nurture Your Body, Mind & Soul in 2018.
"I Feel 50 Years Younger than I did 15 Years Ago -
Would you like to feel Healthier, Younger and Have More Energy aswell?"

Then accept your invitation from multi qualified Holistic Therapist + Dance Teacher, Heidi Almonte & Co, this event has passed, but more online + more
Guernsey Holistic Health & Wellbeing events list.

Guernsey Holistic Health


Guernsey Holistic Health & Wellbeing Show - Guernsey 2018

Previous Guernsey Health Show 2017
@ The Duke of Richmond Hotel, St Peter Port, Guernsey.
9-10 March, 2017.

Heidi Almonte, Guernsey Host & multi qualified therapist (Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Reiki Distant Healing, Crystal Healing Therapist, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Life Coach, Nutrition, Energy Levels & Weight Management,  Feng Shui Practitioner, Salsa & Latin Dance Teacher - All to help improve your 'Feel Good Factor'.

After totally turning her health around from always sick + paralysed to extremely healthy and energetix - defying many odds.

UK Holistic Tibetan Massage
De-stressing 1 hour Holistic Tibetan massage £35

UK Guest Speaker - Ferial Puren, Ignite Life Comm, Edinburgh.
Diagnosed with an 'Incurable Neuro Muscular Syndrome' Ferial decided to reverse it and is now completely healed through lifestyle changes and ready to share her secrets with you 'Kickstart Your Journey to Total Wellbeing'


Guernsey Holistic Health & Wellbeing Show

Holistic Health Show Itinerary 2017 -

10.40am - Crystals Workshop 
(40 minutes + Q & A. 
Includes a small Reiki imprinted crystal with advance bookings)
by Heidi Almonte, Crystal Therapist

Caring for Crystals, Placing Crystals in Your Home, Making Crystal Grids, Using Crystal Pendulums & Pyramids.
(Children also welcome £5 up to 16 yrs when accompanied by an adult)

11.30am - Chakra Dancing Workshop (40 minutes)
by Heidi Almonte, Dance Teacher & Multi Qualified Holistic Therapist.

Incorporating Music, Crystals & Colour Therapy to Balance & lift your energy, resonating and aligning each Chakra.

12.15 + 1.15pm -
Weight Management  (Free, pop in + presentations)
by Heidi Almonte, EFT Tapping Therapist.

Includes Samples + Tapping Therapy for Food Addictions
How to Overcome Common Downfalls.
Easy to Follow Option Plans to Suit Busy Lifestyles.
Healthy Meal options available to try and buy
+ Therapy & Wellness Consultations to book.

2pm - Learn Reiki Healing 
by Heidi Almonte, Reiki Master

Includes a relaxing, destressing Reiki session.
What is Reiki?
Reiki Benefits.
Reiki Testimonials.
Unleashing Natural Healing Energy.
How to Learn Reiki

3pm - How to Kickstart Your Journey to Total Wellbeing (Allow 2 hrs) £10

by Ferial Puren, Ignite Life Community, Edinburgh & No1 Amazon Best Seller.

Release Your Happy Hormones - Learn to Dance Salsa!
Holistic Health continues - Get The Feel Good Factor - 
improve wellbeing by dancing Salsa

Dance Classes - Guernsey  - Salsa with Heidi Almonte

Holistic Health Guernsey
Guernsey Holistic Health - Complementary Therapies in Guernsey with Heidi Almonte

Reiki Guernsey - Holistic Health Guernsey (Relaxing Anxiety, Stress, Ailments etc)

EFT Tapping Guernsey - Holistic Health (Phobias, Anxiety, Addictions, Weight etc)

Energetix Magnetic Jewellery Guernsey - Holistic Health with Stylish Jewellery Events

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