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Energetix Jewellery FAQ - Fasionable, Designer, Affordable Magnetic Jewellery to help improve wellbeing naturally.  Gifts for Yourself and Loved Ones :)

Energetix Jewellery FAQ -
* Wearing Energetix Jewellery Day & Night
* Does Energetix Magnetic Jewellery Work? 
* How Long Does it Take to Work
* How to Order - Sizes - Energetix Jewellery Online Webshop 2017 Catalogue etc... 

Energetix Magnetic Jewellery 

-  FAQ                                                               
How Long do I Need to Wear Energetix Magnetic Jewellery to Feel Benefits?

A Magnet Therapy Energetix Jewellery Test was carried out -
wearing 1 item of Energetix Jewellery for 12 hours a day. 

The red blood cells were considerably different under the microscope after 2 weeks, more evenly distributed, so oxygen & nutrients could get to each cell, which helps rejuvenation and improve well being naturally (see Red Blood Cells link below)

Where can I Order Energetix Magnetic Jewellery?

Online Webshop - 2017 Energetix Catalogue... Energetix Jewellery UK

Energetix Jewellery - Guernsey
Magnetic Jewellery Guernsey Events

Energetix Jewellery - Jersey
Up & Above, 50 Don St
Energetix Jewellery

 Energetix Jewellery Webshop - Magnetic Swarovski Crystal

Energetix Jewellery UK

Energetix Jewellery - Gibraltar -
Maricella Moonilal

Energetix Jewelery - USA, Canada, S America, Puerto Rico - please see below.

Energetix Jewellery Webshop Catalogue Online 2017...   

Energetix Jewellery Online


Energetix Jewellery Webshop
2017 - Online
Energetix Jewelry is delivered by recorded delivery world wide.

Energetix Jewellery Online - Delivery Time?

Energetix Jewellery Spain, Europe = approx 1 week
Energetix Jewellery UK = approx 1 week
Energetix Jewellery Guernsey, Jersey = 5-10 days
Energetix Jewellery Gibraltar = 7-14 days

Allow approx 1-2 weeks for USA, Canada, Australia etc
+ a little extra for peak parcel times.
Energetix Jewelry 

Energetix Jewelry Magnetic Ear-rings

Energetix Jewellery

Does Magnetic Jewellery Work? - Magnetic Jewellery Reviews
Energetix Testimonials - Magnetic Jewellery Testimonials

Everybodys different -
Some notice within minutes, most notice within hours, some days/weeks. 
Approx 90% notice improvement.
Many wonder if its working, then soon realize when they dont wear it the magnet does help pain relief, improves well being, insomnia and energy levels.

Others are amazed and return the following week to buy
Energetix Jewellery for all the Family!

I regularly hear..."I dont know if its coincidence,
but... since Ive been wearing Energetix Jewellery my pain has gone/eased/had more energy/no headachesfeel happier etc..." 

I recommend Energetix as beautiful well being jewellery for the price,
if magnet therapy healing works aswell, its an added bonus.

Energetix Jewellery

Energetix Jewellery Online Webshop


Energetix Jewellery
Energetix Jewellery - Sizes
I suggest Energetix Magnetic Bracelet &/or Magnetic Necklace + Magnetic Pendant 
(as these are easier to fit than rings).

Which Energetix Jewellery Size Should I Order?

Energetix Jewelry - Magnetic Bracelet Sizes
Measure 'actual' wrist girth
XS=13-14cm, S=14-15cm, M=15-16cm, L=16-18cm, XL=18-20cm,XXL=20-22cm
Energetix Jewelry - Magnetic Necklace Sizes
S=38cm    M=42cm    L=45cm     XL=50cm
XXL=60cm   XXXL=70cm   XXXXL=90cm  E

Energetix Jewelry - Magnetic Ring Sizes
Measure 'inside diameter' of a ring that fits
16=16mm diameter inside the ring, 17=17cm etc
 Energetix Jewelry

Energetix Jewelry Magnetic Angel Wings 1749 
 Magnetic Necklace 2993 & Link 1560 recommended)

Navigating - Energetix Jewelry Webshop

Browse... 'Collections' - 'Jewellery' - 'Wellness'

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Browse Jewellery in Energetix Catalgoue 2017

'Flick' through 2017 Energetix Catalogue Online -(Click bottom corner of catalogue).

Energetix Jewelry 'Webshop' 

Energetix Jewellery Online - P & P Free!
including UK, Guernsey, Jersey, Spain etc, world wide delivery available.

Arthritis Treatment - Fingers
Energetix Magnetic Rings available that stretch over swollen knuckles
(hinged like bracelets) Webshop 'Search' 1483

Energetix Magnetic Fasteners
For arthritic fingers, order additional magnetic clasp. 
(Webshop Search 1729, 1759 Gold Plated)
Clasps into necklace or bracelet clasp and can then be 'pulled open'.  
Magnetic clasps contain 2 strong Energetix magnets + security grooves.

Should I Sleep in Energetix Jewellery?
Many find Energetix Jewellery helps insomnia.
Magnets help improve circulation, which oftens reduce swelling, Energetix Jewelry can often help.  The body rejuvenates more with cell recovery at night, which may be helped by Energetix Jewellery magnets.

Some report Energetix Jewellery 'energizes' them at night, they need to remove whilst sleeping, still many report waking feeling more rejuvenated!

Wheres the Energetix Magnet in the Jewellery?
Energetix Jewellery magnets have an 'Ex' sign on the magnet.

How Long do Energetix Magnets Last?
Energetix Jewellery contains neodymium magnets, unlike most magnetic jewellery, they only lose 1% every 100 years -
so they last for life!
 Energetix Jewelry

 Energetix Jewellery Magnetic Heart Power Necklace

Cleaning Energetix Jewellery
A Micro fibre clothe is recommended to clean Energetix Jewellery.

Can I get Energetix Jewellery Wet?
Whilst Energetix Jewellery is high quality stainless steel, its advised to remove before showering for prolonged life, especially crystal and gold plated Energetix jewellery.

Does Energetix Jewellery need to Touch the Skin?
Energetix Jewellery doesnt need to be touching the skin, the neodymium magnets are very powerful, but it does help if they're close as possible.


Energetix Jewellery

Energetix Jewellery Online Webshop 2017


Is Energetix Jewelry Safe?
Magnetic Jewelry should Not be worn if -
You have a 'Pace Maker' - 'Internal Diabetic Pump' - 'Any Internal Mechanical Fitting'
Like watches, magnets can effect the mechanical workings.
If you're Pregnant, you should seek medical advice.
Energetix Jewelry is recommended for children over 4 years - (Fab childrens range!)

Side-Effects of Energetix Magnetic Jewellery
The well being side effects of Magnetic Jewellery are detox, your then absorb more nutrients, which can help boost immunity system and help improve well being.

nb Rapid Detox may make you feel a little sick,  like a hangover, signs of
ridding toxins in the body, this is rare with 1 or 2 magnets.
Detox effects usually pass after 30-60mins.
If they continue or are severe (very rare) magnet therapy healing jewellery may not be suitable for you, so discontinue use.

If you have several new Energetix magnetic products,
or Power Magnet Jewelry, leave few hours before adding 3rd/4th items of
Energetix magnetic jewellery. 

Must See - 2 Mins!

Well Being Effects-Smart Meter Radiation-
Live Red Blood Cells Analysis

! Watch this 2 minute clip of how a Smart Meter can effect red blood cells !

Energetix Jewellery does the opposite - by helping red blood cells spread out more evenly, so oxygen and nutrients CAN be supplied more easily to each cell.

Healthy Red Blood Cells are vital to help improve well being and rejuvenation.
Try to cut down on every day radiation (keep your distance from mobiles, wifi, microwaves etc) and start wearing Energetix Jewellery as much as possible.

Energetix Jewelry USA -
Browse Energetix Catalogues online via my links, then call Toll Free

Energetix Jewellery - USA, Canada & S America, Puerto Rico
order via Phone:
USA Toll Free: 1-855-388-3880 | Int: 1-787-758-1743 | Fax: 1-787-523-2107 -

Please QUOTE My ID 1-215309-24 Heidi Almonte

Im available for fb chat or skype should you need help or like to find out more about discounts - wholesale.

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Disclaimer -Although I've seen many happy customers helped by Energetix magnetic Jewellery we don't make any therapeutic claims for Magnetic Therapy Products or otherwise.
I am not a medical advisor, only a Geopathic Stress Dowsing, Energetix Distributor,
Tapping EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique) & Reiki Healing Practitioner.

I love to help improve Well Being naturally!