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EFT Guernsey

'Emotional Freedom Technique'

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping Holistic Therapy similar to hypnotherapy it can re-wire the brain, or like acupuncture - but tapping is without needles!

95% of illness is said to be stress related - an EFT Practitioner tapping, helps reduce & release stress and anxieties, to improve well being via a natural healing holistic process.

A big shift is often noticed - especially during the first EFT Tapping Treatment
leading to a happier, healthier you in 2018.


EFT Tapping Guernsey

EFT - Emotional Freedon Technique - also known as Tapping Therapy. 
A Treatment involves gently tapping with finger tips on acupressure points, whilst releasing emotional blockages, preferably by a qualified EFT Tapping Practitioner, like Heidi Almonte, a multi qualified holistic therapist.

What can EFT Tapping help?

EFT Tapping - To Lose Weight 
Eating late at night, binge eating, fear to lose weight (a common underlying fear!)
Feeling lazy, lethargic, appetite, bulimia.
For specific food addictions ie chocolate, cheese, cake, sugar, fizzy drinks.
Weight Management Guernsey

EFT Tapping - Trauma - Anxiety - Events - Confidence - Achieving Goals   
Travel sickness, abuse, failure, sweating, jealousy, anger, stuttering, spirits, ghosts,
phobias, childbirth, choking, responsibility, exams, insomnia.
Fear of...wealth, progress, improvement, moving, change.
Improve confidence... in yourself,  interviews, dancing, performing, sports.
Help achieving Goals and 'Getting in the Zone'.
Discover Your Feel Good Factor

EFT Tapping - Improve Relationships - Couples - People
eg Parents-in-law, partners habits (or your habits!), love play, kissing, touching. 
Nervous talking... to opposite sex, beautiful women/handsome men, anyone new.

EFT Tapping - Help Addiction 
Junk foods, fizzy drinks, caffeine addiction.  Shopping, hoarding.  Work addiction.
Smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, sex, crime, danger, violence.  
Mobiles, video games, TV, facebook, internet addiction. 

EFT Tapping - Overcoming Phobias 
Flying, heights, crowds, vomiting, spiders, dogs.  Drs, dentists, hospitals, operations.

EFT Tapping  - Help Aches and Pains
Neck, shoulder and back pain.  Knee and ankle pain. 
Headaches, migraines.  Stomach Problems.
Sports Injuries.  Repetitive ailments.

EFT Tapping releases blockages
that can make people sick, have a phobia, addiction, anxiety attack 
and be held back from enjoying their lives, achieving goals, be happy in love -
aswell as helping short and long term ailments, aches and pains.

EFT Tapping is a holistic complementary therapy to help improve well being naturally.

EFT Tapping has proved to be a very simple, yet effective Complementary Therapy to the extent that life long phobias can often be removed with just 1 session, even a patient that came into a Tapping session in a wheelchair (after 18 months) walked out after her first session-that is how powerful the mind can be, if we just tap into it. 

EFT - Guernsey Tapping

To Book an EFT Tapping Therapy Session  
with the guidance of an experienced EFT Tapping practitioner to help ensure each blockage is cleared, correctly and fully, guiding you through the holistic healing process.

Heidi started her holistic healing approach with Reiki practitioner qualifications in 2004, EFT qualified practitioner since 2012.

Contact Heidi, EFT Tapping Practitioner
for a free chat to see if EFT Tapping - worldwide on skype
or Tapping in Guernsey or Jersey may help you...
  or Call Guernsey 01481-722798 (M 07911-716662)

Meet Heidi @ Well Being World Guernsey events, where she can discuss treatments 
+ See display of gorgeous Energetix Well Being Jewellery and healing crystals aswell.


EFT - Jersey Tapping
EFT Jersey (Channel Islands), Tapping with Heidi, Well Being World, a qualified
EFT Tapping Practitioner, in Jersey or just as easily and effectively EFT online via skype or telephone for EFT Tapping Jersey (USA and Channel Islands).

EFT - Gibraltar Tapping
EFT Tapping is a modern complementary therapy and new to Gibraltar,
Please help spread the word of this complementary therapy in Gibraltar that Heidi is so passionate about. 

EFT - Online Tapping 
EFT tapping online, available world wide. EFT Tapping can easily be done online via skype or telephone, with guidance of Heidi, EFT Tapping Complementary Therapist who can help you from the convenience of your own home.

EFT Tapping Treatment Online - as Ive just moved back to Guernsey, Im offering EFT online (world wide, via skype) with a complimentary £5 voucher towards an online EFT Tapping Treatment, Reiki Treatment or Reiki Distant Healing.
(1 Voucher per treatment booked, for you, friend or family, valid for 30 days. 
Please quote EFT Tapping Discount Voucher at time of Booking)
Heidi Almonte, Holistic Therapist, ISTD

Life Coach (2016)
Weight Management Coach (2014)
Wellness Coach (2014)
EFT Tapping Practitioner, Level 1 & 2 (Guernsey 2012)
Sick Homes Geopathic Stress Practitioner (Guernsey 2012)
Reiki Practitioner (Guernsey 2004)
Reiki Distant Healing Practitioner (Guernsey 2004)

To Book EFT Tapping or Reiki Distant Healing
Guernsey, Jersey (Channel Islands), Gibraltar, Spain
or Well Being 'World Wide' Distant Healing -
Contact Well Being EFT Practitioner Heidi Almonte...
Well Being World

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Disclaimer - EFT Tapping is a complimentary therapy, holistic health, should your condition be serious you should seek medical advice.