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Crystal Healing

Crystals and gemstones have been considered to have cleansing and healing properties for thousands of years, across a variety of cultures world wide.

Crystals have specific properties and are said to be beneficial for different areas of the body and ailments.

Crystal healing also helps to raise our vibration which places us in an improved state for healing.  Crystal healing the 7 Chakras, a huge spectrum of illness and generally improve well being of health and mind naturally - aswell as helping the environment feel good + crystals feel and look beautiful! 

Crystal Reiki in Guernsey, Jersey & world wide, used in conjunction with Heidis Holistic Health and well being inc Feng Shui Crystals.

Crystal healing crystals available at Heidis Energetix Well Being Guernsey markets (Small + Large Crystals to collectors Crystals + Special Orders) + Crystals and Crystal Healing Online including beautiful amethyst geodes, candle holders made from crystal, dowsing pendulums, healing amber, healing crystals, herkimer diamonds, jasper, jade, labradorite, lapis lazuli, rose quartz,  clusters of crystals, 7 Chakras crystals also available as beautiful jewellery to suit all pockets with real Gemstone Crystal Bracelets to Diamond Rings.

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Crystal Healing Jewellery online... 

Crystals online - jewellery

Reiki Crystal Healing 

Reiki Healing + Crystal Healing
Reiki healing can also incorporate crystal healing.
Heidi, Well Being Almonte can specially inprint crystals with reiki healing from a large stock or via Reiki Distant Healing.

Favourite Reiki healing Crystals kept in stock at
Heidis Well Being World Guernsey (Well Being World Wide) are...

Rose Quartz Hearts
Herkimer Diamonds (2-4mm wide)
available with Reiki for just £15 each (£25 per pair) + P & P.

Just drop Heidi an email stating which crystals and what you would like to have
reiki healing inprinted and for whom. 
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Healing Amber is known as a natural painkiller.  Improve well being naturally.

The theuropatic, healing, calming, anti-inflammatory and anti-fever properties of Amber healing are such a recognised source of healing amber crystal is sold in Chemists throughout Austria, Germany and Switzerland where it has been used for centuries in crystal healing and to improve well being naturally.

Amber healing effects are said to be amplified if the amber is worn next to the skin, for example in bracelets and necklaces. 

Energetix Magnet Jewellery with amber healing crystal is very popular.
Energetix Magnetic Jewellery also comes with a variety of gorgeous
Swarovski Crystals and have the many added benefits of magnet therapy.


Beautiful Amber and Crystal Jewellery online...


Amber Healing

Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum Dowsing Crystals are Fun! 

I bought a beautiful crystal dowsing pendulum recently, it is amazing how it swings so rapidly from side to side and changes to backwards and forwards (yes and no) so quickly when you change the questions.

The dowsing pendulum is also correct every single time I ask it a question that I know the answer to!

I just need to work on the questions that I dont know the answers to!

Crystal Pendulum dowsing can be used to help improve well being naturally, start by asking about your favourite foods, then try asking questions about food intolerances, or the best foods for you if you are eating to lose weight!

Remember you need to ask questions that have a clear yes or no answer - so its often a case of elimination.  Otherwise slowly do pendulum dowsing over a chart made of lists and notice if the pendulum starts swinging yes, no or it may stay still then go around in circles when over a certain food.

Crystal Pendulum dowsing can also help balancing of the 7 Chakras

Crystal Pendulums can also be used over charts asking about crystal healing and allergies.  Ask at Heidis Improve Well Being World Guernsey stalls or book an appointment via skype for more info to improve well being naturally.

Sick Homes

Pendulum dowsing can also be used to find the most negative and positive healing places in your home or work place, which may be healed by placing crystals around your home.  Try pendulum dowsing over a map of your house or friends homes.

The ley lines that effect our homes are known as geopathic stress and can create sick homes (sick building syndrome).

Heidi Wellbeing Almonte is a qualified Dowser + Feng Shui Consultant + Reiki Practitioner in Guernsey, UK + online and can help with sick homes - sick building syndrome with crystal dowsing and reiki healing.
This is a Flourite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum which is well known for its psychic powers of dowsing, cleansing and natural healing aswell as being a beautiful piece of jewellery to add to your crystal collection.
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Psychic and Healing Crystal Pendulum Dowsing
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Pendulum Dowsing

Crystals Guernsey
Buy crystals in Guernsey -
Wonderful selection of small and large crystals for sale in Guernsey + Fossils 
at Heidis wellbeing events.  Find your Feel Good Factor.
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Fossils make interesting ornaments, aswell as many being collectable items.
(I have a stunning pair of ammonites on my Energetix Wellbeing Guernsey Stall)

They are evidence of a former life from a few thousand years ago,
from a period prior to recorded human history.
The earliest reported fossils are 3.5 billion years old, even older than you.

Fossils are created from former living organisms, or impressions of them, from mammoths to insects and leaves.

Heidis Well Being World Guernsey has gorgeous Madagascan Fossils in at the mo!

Fossils and Crystals @ Heidis Guernsey Events

Crystal - Recommended Books online

'The Crystal Bible'
by Judy Hall is a beautifully illustrated invaluable guide to 100's of
healing and well being crystals.

Its packed full of information detailing each crystals properties including spiritual, mental, psychological, emotional, physical, cleansing and well being healing effects.  

Also contains the crystals use with chakra healing, and where best to wear crystals or place them around your home.

'The Crystals and Crystal Bible in stock

Magnet Therapy 

Energetix Magnetic Jewellery - How magnets may help you

Magnetic Jewellery - with Stunning Swarovski Crystals Online with the benefits of magnet therapy aswell

Magnetic Jewellery Guernsey - Heidis Well Being World Stall Dates which include a variety of crystals in Guernsey, advice on Crystal Healing, Crystal Reiki Healing and how to improve well being naturally.
Find Your Feel Good Factor with Heidi Wellbeing Almonte.

7 Chakras 

Crystals at Home

Health and Mind-Crystal Healing

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