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Back Pain Treatment

Magnet Therapy can often help with back pain treatment and improve well being. 

Energetix Magnetic Jewellery has an excellent reputation for reducing swelling, to 
help arthritis and joint pain, including back pain treatment.

Magnetic Jewellery Testimonials include...

Back Pain - Magnetic Jewellery Testimonial Energetix

After over 30 years in agony, morning, noon and night and receiving thousands of pounds worth of a variety of therapies for back pain treatment, I was astonished at the relief I found from wearing a Power Heart Magnet on my lower back by 
Energetix Magnetic Jewellery  (See Wellness Accessories)
Even my Physio Therapist was amazed, and people were asking me what I had done, as the difference overnight was so dramatic!  Brian Le Fondre, Guernsey, UK

Prolapsed Disc - Magnetic Jewellery Testimonial Energetix

After 6-8 months in agony awaiting to go to UK for MRI Scan, I discovered
Energetix Magnetic Jewellery and bought a magnetic bracelet and magnetic ring 
(as whilst I was talking to Heidi a customer turned up for her 2nd order and was pleased to explain how it helped her Carpel Tunnel Syndrome). 

I had been in particularly bad pain the few days before I met Heidi, but to my amazement it helped reduce the swelling and therefore the pain so much, they decided not to operate.     C James, Guernsey (UK).
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Energetix Magnetic Jewellery

Energetix Magnetic Jewellery is available online
or come and see Heidi at her Well being Stall, dates on Magnetic Jewellery Guernsey (UK)

Energetix Magnetic Jewellery Online Webshop
See the vast range of gorgeous Energetix Jewellery online, including extra powerful magnets for those
needing arthritis treatment or for help with
back pain treatment see the 'Wellness Accessories' for 'Power Heart Magnet', the 'Magnet Strip' or the
'Magnet Bandage' - which can be used as a
magnet pillow aswell as using the velcrove strap to
keep in place over back pain...

 Energetix Magnetic Jewellery
Energetix Magnetic Jewellery Online Webshop

Aloe Vera - Back Pain Treatment

Try Forever Living Aloe Vera MSM Gel or Aloe Heat Lotion to rub on back pain, also the Aloe Gel Drink - Forever Freedom (with Glucosamine and Chondroitin) in particular for arthritis treatment and to help back pain treatment.

The Aloe Gel Drinks, inc Forever Freedom (blue lid) includes 75 nutrients, probably 1 of the best nutirtional supplements on the market - it is alsoo in the
Aloe Vera Detox and Weight Loss Clean 9 Pack.
More info see Aloe Vera Shop (+ webshop)

Magnet Therapy Jewellery

Energetix Magnet Therapy Jewellery (UK + Ireland) is a common natural back pain treatment, particularly for siatica treatment - 
with no harmful side effects (providing you havnt got a pacemaker).

The Energetix Magnet Therapy Power Heart comes in 2 parts, to attach to clothing as a brooch or worn on underwear/clothes near to the back pain or injury.

Power Magnet is only £29.00, includes a copper version - which can also help
arthritis treatment + the quality strong neodymium Energetix magnet lasts for life... 

Back Pain TreatmentBack Pain Treatment - Magnet Therapy Heart in Wellness Accessories

Also in the Wellness section is the Energetix Magnet Bandage with high quality, large-area bipolar magnets, for optimal magnet therapy + antibacterial silver ion protection, comfortable to wear and warming. 
It has a removable wearing strap, so can also be used to sit or lie on as a small pillow.

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I have seen many happy customers with Magnetic Jewellery, as you can see from my
Energetix Magnetic Jewellery Testimonials (inc those that have suffered for many years/decades)
but we do not make any therapeutic claims for Magnetic Jewellery Products,
nor am I a medical advisor, only an EFT Practitionrt & Reiki Complementary Therapist.